29th Feb2012

Uncle bunt Triumph

by Zoomy

Hello,zoomy found the way to hardtail maniac.com too.
Have build a view hardtail bikes,first one was a Honda cb400n ,second one was build in a santee frame with Honda cb360 engine and my latest build was a Uncle bunt frame with a Triumph t140 engine.
Lately not much time but trying to build a boardtracker with a ILO engine.Grtz Zoomy

28th Feb2012

milocustoms Darkshadow

by Milootje

stainless steel hardtail frame with special gastank.
handmade beltdrive, everything is homemade.
Won the first price @motorbeurs utrecht!
I sold this one to start a new project.

27th Feb2012

Reetveter from Hell

by Gayco

hello,my name is Gayco and offcourse a real Maniac! With help of my buddies of HM i’m building a cb750 hardtail (from Killroy motorparts), an Amen Honda frame (this one is re-hardtailed by the Chop!) and an beautifull ’72 ohc engine which was bought for me by the HM members,special thanks to Greg! The handlebar and oiltank is original and made by MiloCustoms! Lights came from Trebor and Zoomy! Seat came from SanderGecko!
I’m trying to make a 50-style /hotrod bike and thanks to my friends it’s going the right way!
Thanks guys!

27th Feb2012

Honda cb650 chopper

by JTbros

Hello maniacs, Nice new site. This is the first big build I did together with my brother. We made everything ourselfs. We’ve sold him to get some money to build some other bikes. More pics on http://JTbrothers-motorcycles.blogspot.com

27th Feb2012


by weed

here one of my earlier built Yamaha XS650 hardtail GUMBALL

08th Feb2012

Weed’s Nuttcrusher

by Weed

Hi XS650 freaks. My new XS650 is finally ready. It is a hardtail extends and lowers. The springer is from a Harley Davidson With the wheel of a Honda.

Wassel peanut Tank and rear fender are painted with metal flakes with black Pinstripe and letters done with chalkboard paint. The Headlight is from an old streetlight Engine.

It runs with 1 Amal carburetor and without battery. Kick start alone, and I made brass knuckles Engine – personally engraved . Cool short exhaust that makes Lot’s of noise. Clutch and gear for jockey shifter.

Thanks for your attention and greetings – Weed from the Netherlands.